Tax Refund

Tax Refund

All kinds of consultancy services and preparation of reports regarding VAT Refund are carried out with great care by our experienced staff consisting of Certified Public Accountants, CPA, experts and auditors in our company.

Delivery of goods and performance of services in Turkey are subject to VAT. However, exports of goods, export registered deliveries, service exports, which are considered within the scope of full exemption in the Value Added Tax Law and specified in Article 11, manufacturing and import of sea and air transportation vehicles specified in Article 13, and services provided to these vehicles, are subject to international exports specified in Article 14. Since transportation activities are not subject to VAT, the VAT paid in Turkey due to these activities can be refunded with the CPA report prepared after the examinations. Again, VAT law 19/2. Refunds regarding deliveries made in accordance with the provisions of international agreements within the scope of the article, VAT law 29/2. Refunds arising from deliveries and services subject to a discounted rate within the scope of the article are fulfilled with the CPA reports prepared. Our scope of service includes the preparation of CPA reports required for the above-mentioned transactions and other exemptions that give rise to the right to refund in the Value Added Tax Law, as well as the deferment and cancellation of VAT in domestic transactions made within the scope of the inward processing permit. During the Value Added Tax refund process; As a result of the determination of the refund amounts of companies that have the opportunity to receive a value added tax refund, sub-company reviews, opposing reviews and analytical reviews, Certified Public Accountant reports are prepared and the refund transactions are completed by us. Organizing the relations between the taxpayer and the tax office within the framework of the regulations stipulated by the tax administration and in the legislation during the Value Added Tax refund process, timely preparation of Certified Public Accountant reports required for refund and offset transactions, consultancy services in solving the problems encountered regarding the VAT refund and offset transactions of companies. Provision of services constitutes the main framework of the services we offer in this context.


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