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Demirbilek Certified Financial Consultancy and Auditing Inc. was founded by Kadir DEMİRBİLEK, who served in various high-level positions at the Ministry of Finance for a long time.
In parallel with our country's fast-growing economy, our industrial organizations and companies are also growing rapidly. In the light of technological developments due to growth, many new areas and forms of activity are emerging. This rapid change and development in the private sector also causes some legal changes.
At this point, Demirbilek CPA, with its experienced and active staff, captures this change and development very well, identifies the needs of companies and produces financial solutions. In recent years, there have been rapid changes in both tax legislation and relevant laws. We take care to follow these changes meticulously and inform our taxpayers through the Circulars we have published.
Demirbilek CPA provides services to many taxpayers operating in different sectors, especially the large-scale taxpayers of our country, and works without any concept of time to solve all the problems of taxpayers of all sizes in the field of tax and financial law. At the point we have reached today, the importance of this service approach is demonstrated by all our taxpayers who support us.

Our companies;
Demirbilek Sworn Financial Consultancy and Auditing Joint Stock Company
Alba Independent Audit and Consultancy Joint Stock Company
Demirbilek Free Accounting and Financial Consultancy Limited Company

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